Apr. 1928

(private concern) handling raw material of non-ferrous and its products as a sales agent of the Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

Aug. 1948

Changed office to the current principal office.

Nov. 1949

Incorporated under the new corporate law of Japan as Nishitani Kinzoku Co., Ltd. with the capital of J.Yen 3 million.

Apr. 1951

Increased capital by J. Yen 5 million.

Feb. 1953

Increased capital by J. Yen 10 million.

Jul. 1954

Changed the name to Nishitani & Co., Ltd. by adding sales items such as machineries, foods etc. to the former products as well as office rental business.

Jul. 1956

Increased capital by J. Yen 20 million.

Apr. 1957

Open Tokyo sales office.

Feb. 1964

Split non-ferrous metal department and established Nishitani Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

Jun. 1966

Increased capital by J. Yen 50 million.

Nov. 1974

Upgraded Tokyo sales office to Tokyo branch.

Jul. 1996

Established Nishitani (Asia) Limited in Hong Kong.

Jan. 2004

Transferred non-ferrous metal business from Nishitani Kinzoku to Nishitani & Co., Ltd.

Mar. 2004

Obtained ISO14001 approval.

May. 2008

Tokyo Branch Office moved to new office building.