In pursuing diversified business activities, such as sales of various industrial products, engineering and distribution etc., we Nishitani & Co.,Ltd. shall aim industrial development and contribution to development of local communities. And additionally, as a good corporate citizen, we are committed to reducing the environmental impacts and pursue actively contribute to preservation of global environment.

1. To recognize influence to environment by business activities and promote environmental conservation activities in addition to making effort of prevention of environmental pollution.

2.To strictly observe legislation related to environmental matters and abide by any agreements undertaken by us.

3.To set environmental objectives and targets which are regularly reviewed and upgraded.

4.To make everyone become aware of social responsibility of the company, execute environmental education and publicity campaign, and consider problem recognition, and make effort for continuous improvement of environmental control system.

5.To communicate and understand this environmental policy and information to everyone of the company thoroughly, and disclose it externally in addition to raise awareness to environmental protection.




Commitment to environment control
We are committed to participate global environment control operation and have obtained ISO14001 approval in March 2004.